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GPS Celebrates 10yrs!

GPS Celebrates 10yrs!

The evening was held in Leeds City Centre at The Pour House. Following a meet and greet for all the guests, Tony started the celebrations with a speech to reflect on the journey GPS has encountered since being founded in 2006 by Tony and Val Murray.

Tony: “Val and I started GPS in a back room in my house 10 years ago… I remember thinking this was a bit of gamble then I remember we had a little bit of blind confidence, we were confident about your own abilities but more importantly we had confidence about the product & services that we were going to offer.”

Tony: “Our service has always been about creating the difference…difference in our approach, our people and more importantly our ownership of the scheme from inception to completion. We are different! And we celebrate being different, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors because we have a passion for what we do and we are cheap!”

Tony: “That point of difference has always been at the heart of the company and it’s served us well over the decade or so we’ve been in existence.”

Tony: “10 years is a long time in business as we all know doubt agree. Things have changed dramatically over that short period, Who would have thought that in that period discounters would have grown to challenge the big four! or That the world financial markets were turned upside down….and the world faced the biggest financial crisis since the great depression! Or that we vote to leave the European Union!!!”

Tony: “All those are few of the things that have challenged us and continue to challenge us as company. Despite those things and hundreds of others we have managed to consistently grow our company year of year for the past 10 years. Throughout the recession with all the changes & challenges we managed our business to ensure that we always paid a bonus to colleagues We managed to retain and grow our colleagues throughout that 10 years period. We are now over 30 strong and continuing to grow. In fact we have constantly grown the consultancy and project management business’s during that period. We must be doing something right!”

Tony: “However, Val & I recognise that we need to move the business on in order to ensure that the firm continues to be successful over the next 10 years. As I’ve mentioned earlier we have service at the heart of the business but we recognise that we need diversify. Diversifying our Client base in order to have a better balance between existing and new clients. Diversify our service offer. Whether that’s in building surveying, architecture or even cost management… who knows… One thing is business has taught me over that 10 years period is that doing the same things isn’t an option and no guarantee of future success. You’ve got to adjust & change to suit your business environment.”

Tony: “We recognise that business needs to change. So we’ve made some changes to senior management team We made Tim Taylor a director of the business. Tim’s been with us since our inception and becomes a board director. And we recognised that we need to add some new talent so we recruited Bob Simpson to help broaden our client base and help with business strategy. Both will help better direct the business to the next stage in its development.”


10 years of passion, hard work and the love of construction has proven key to the success and growth of GPS.

TM Speech Tony and Val