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Comic Relief 2017

Comic Relief 2017

GPS Red Nose Day 2017

Following a fantastic day at GPS Offices, GPS have raised £250 for Comic Relief!

Food donations from the GPS Team

food food 2

Guess the number of sweets!

sweets jar

The winner with a guess of 389 (only 9 off the correct answer!) was Richard, who very kindly shared them out with the rest of the team.

GPS Paper Aeroplane Competition

Val Group Charles Marsh

The GPS Paper Aeroplane Competition took off in the afternoon with some very unique designs and some originals too. Ranging from a plotter flyer, to some last minute tutorial watching! During the competition, a dog ran off with Khaleel’s plane, Miles nearly took Bobs’ head off and Steve C’s plane tore in two! The winner for the longest distance, after a best of 3 was Steve C (even though he only had half a plane!)

Lemon Vs Twenty P

lemon Khaleel

They said it could never be done! Khaleel proved them wrong and landed the 20p on the lemon!

GPS Golf Open

Charlotte Khaleel Dan and Steve

After a very close Open competition, with the majority of the field putting 2 shots, it was down to Dan and Richard to battle it out, each managing 3! The winner of the Wispa Easter Egg was Dan!

Pin the Red Nose on Tony

Miles Steve C Dan

After being spun around 5 times whilst blindfolded, trying to put the nose on Tony proved difficult for some! The nearest to the nose was Matt!

GPS Pong


Steve C landing a shot!

GPS Pong was a classic game, with Team A (Charles, Charlotte, Kate and Richard) took an early lead, only to end up losing to a fantastic comeback from Team B (Steve C, Khaleel, Oliver and Dan) who took home the box of celebrations!

Comic Relief 2017